JusticePath Mobile Court Information on the go

JusticePath Mobile is your connection to court information while on the move. No more need to crowd busy courthouse lobbies while patiently waiting to be directed where to go. With JusticePath Mobile, you know what's going on and where you're going before you even step foot in the courthouse.

  • Cherokee County Georgia, Courthouse directory in lobby

    Information on Display

    These days, information is everywhere. Courts offer large digital displays to help clerks, attorneys, judges, and the general public find where they need to be in the courthouse. While these services are extremely useful, they are only available at the courthouse.

  • And Then Came JusticePath

    JusticePath provides courts an efficient way to share information. The JusticePath digital display system allows courts to install physical display screens in the courthouse, but more importantly simulataneously empowers them to bring that same information to your phone.

  • Find Your Court

    JusticePath Mobile offers several methods to find participating courts. You can use a category based directory to quickly find courts of interest. Or, finding a specific court is no more difficult than typing its name into a search. Finally, if you are interested in finding courts near you, the location based search feature will find ALL participating courts near your location.

  • Bookmark Your Favorites

    If you are a professional who regularly attends court, simply bookmark each court you service for easy future access to court information

  • Application Info:

    OS Support iPhone, iPad IOS v4.3 or higher
    Device Requirements Network Access. Location Services required for Location Based Searching
    Version 1.0 (released February 7th 2012)

Participating Courts

Last updated February 8, 2012, 9:39pm

JusticePath Mobile is a brand new application. Currently the list of participating courts is limited, but good news travels fast and we are working on adding more courts in the immediate future. If your court isn't listed, tell them about us!

Courts in Georgia

  • Cherokee County Superior, State, and Juvenile Courts
  • Liberty County - All courts but Probate

Version History

JusticePath Mobile February 7, 2012

This is the initial release of the JusticePath Mobile Client for iPhone.

  • New Location based searching
  • New Catalog of all participating courts by category
  • New Searching by keywork or court name
  • New Featured courts
  • New Bookmarking of frequently used court information displays
  • New Native rendering of court information displays (mirrors what you see at the courthouse)
  • New iPhone specific rendering of court information when elected by the court

Contact and Support

JusticePath Mobile is produced and supported by Replitek, Inc. The iPhone application enables courts to share thier information on iPhones regardless of whether that court uses the JusticePath digital display system. Generally, the information displayed within JusticePath Mobile is presented exactly how it is entered or exported by the court. Issues regarding the information displayed within JusticePath Mobile should be referred to the court or jurisdiction supplying the information. Technical issues directly relating to the mobile application can be submitted to Replitek and are treated with urgency. Comments and requests for new features are always welcomed and encouraged.

For technical support, please send email to: support@replitek.com